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Your great products and services, some of which are already on the market and some of which are still in the innovation pipeline, have other features in addition to hard features such as price and design, some of which are soft, emotional or only understood by specific target groups.

And now there’s also sustainability communication. Your unconditional and justified desire that people learn about your efforts to work better and cleaner. And even more: that they should make this the basis of their future decisions please. B2B as well as B2C.

Branding and sales marketing here requires a lot of empathy with the sometimes still very unenlightened target groups! Especially in the sensitive social media.

Agencies are expensive, difficult to assess in advance and, quite honestly: Where are they supposed to get the exact feeling for your entrepreneurial mission?

Henry Ford said that 50% of advertising spend is always thrown out the window. You just don’t know which one. But this nonchalance no longer fits into the era of SMART (measurable) goals and thinking in budgeted “business cases”. 50% hit rate is simply too little for us and we believe you too.

Innovation and its marketing need the certainty of a return on investment. The addressability of target groups is elementary for a successful marketing and sales strategy.

A new seriousness in the creation of access to the sales target groups is thus apart from the actual supply of circular products and achievements the key of future entrepreneurial acting!

Our mission is therefore to advance the Circular Economy together with you and to provide very pragmatic support and super effective, time and resource saving marketing impact for you. In addition, we make the Circular Economy known to the public.

That’s what the nice membership is for now.

Here is an excerpt of our marketing services, which will definitely evolve together with you:

  • Regular social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube, precisely tailored to the target groups, to publicize the Circular Economy.
  • You as our members can contribute content, we will network you to co-branded campaigns, we can conduct market research, surveys and testing
  • The co-created reach will bring awareness for you, good links and traffic as well as “buzz” (you will be talked about in social media)
  • Creation of the first circular wiki in Germany, for which every member can contribute technical content, which after editorial revision and publication will also contain links to you.
  • SEO effects, improving findability in Google’s organic search results
  • Content up to the dregs! Your membership will make Sustainable Selling and Branding as well as Sustainability Communication super easy for you through Contens, Know-How, Cooperation and new strategies. Of course, we also offer personal support and training upon request.
  • Company profiles offer you a new digital showcase, which can also play a major role in employer marketing.
  • Jobboard for your job advertisements
  • Podcast formats, partly including video for further distribution on Youtube
  • Editorial interview and reporting work, classic PR
  • Simple, fast and inexpensive market research via nice-communities
  • Product reviews and company features
  • Testing of prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVP) in real labs “on the market
  • A store for our members where you can offer products, samples or just a free parking space and a family lunch for your open day is in preparation.
  • Co-Branded-Campaigning
  • The little jellyfish Quasselkopp from the wonderful children’s book series of the same name will not only enrich our social media communication. On request, we will also provide children’s books branded to your company in a nice-edition starting at about 100 copies for our members, so you can have a sustainably printed and highly exclusive promotional gift for the whole family. After all, circular and sustainable awareness is best created from a young age.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

We are always open for project inquiries and will connect you with our collective of experts. On request, nice can take over project coordination or management for marketing or communication projects, research, reallabs, workshop design, etc.


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