Advantages of your company’s membership in nice e.V.


nice creates networking formats and our team connects you personally and quickly.

Our very effective and rapidly growing network of companies from production and service, our expert collective as well as many enablers and multipliers help you to get to know new customer contacts, additions to the supply chain, cooperation partners or specialists in an informal way. To close knowledge and know-how gaps in “no time”, no matter if it is about process engineering, suppliers, law, material science, processes, tools or methods. Recruiting, marketing and sales. Recycling. Reusable. (Municipal) policy. Or simply inspiration.

Very concrete benefits and return on investment:

We inspire you and promote your participation in the megatrend Circular Economy hands-on and proactively with project participation, reallabs, cooperations, workshops, teambuilding and leadership ideas as well as new methods.

And all of this with a focus on securing the future, on creating real sustainability through participation in the megatrend Circular Economy.

And, last but not least: the nice marketing and social media impact!

nice has its origin, besides years of enthusiasm for the Circular Economy and its opportunities, in the marketing and sales careers of our team. We know how important it is to have addressable sales target groups.

And now let’s be honest: Circular Economy and many terms that will constitute real sustainability in the future are still undefined and largely unknown. Let’s change that!

This is exactly why nice has made it its second main task, in addition to securing the future of companies in a circular way, to make the Circular Economy and the resulting great opportunities of “new”, positive consumption known to the population and to establish “circular” as a parallel seal of quality next to “organic”.

For this purpose nice uses the methods of social media, classical PR and media work and will also work journalistically-editorially.

Find out about your membership benefits in the area of marketing and social media. You can always easily find these links in the footer section of the website as well as other places on our intuitively designed website. See what benefits you can get indirectly and directly from the unique combination of services that nice membership offers you.

If you have any questions: ask. Feel free to contact us anytime using the contact options at the bottom of the page.

Let’s be nice.



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