Consultancy for sustainability communication

A great complement to our Cradle to Cradle philosophy. I can recommend be nice to every small and medium-sized company that wants to implement the Circular Economy in practice and thereby significantly secure its future.
As well as that of all of us!

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
Gründer - Cradle to Cradle + EPEA


The guiding framework that gives you, our customers, security for the future is the expertise of our team, which, in addition to creation, consulting and technology, also includes expertise in the principles and applications of a circular economy.

Why does this give you security?

Because the circular economy is recognized as a global megatrend for sustainability and secured by irreversible developments such as:

  • The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).
  • The Circular Economy Action Plan as part of the EU Green Deal, which provides a politically significant framework.
  • The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, where almost all major global corporations are engaged in shaping the future of the Circular Economy.
  • CEWI project with more than 40 well-known companies such as BMW, Audi, GLS Bank and Knauf, which was managed by be nice in terms of website, content presentation and text as well as community management. Funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Climate Economy Foundation (Otto Versand), with scientific support from the WWF and the Wuppertal Institute.
  • BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has launched funds and certificates that invest in companies driving the circular economy
  • the Cradle to Cradle product philosophy, which has been making circularity a reality for over 20 years with > 15,000 certified products ranging from T-shirts to cars, prefabricated houses and entire industrial buildings.
  • Countries as the Netherlands or USA are already extremely progressive
  • There are global initiatives such as Circular Cities, massively supported by the EU.

Based on our easy-to-understand definition of the circular economy, we work with each client company to individually develop its strategic sustainability goals. These become the basis of a self-confident, always explainable, consistent and constantly adaptable sustainability, communication and thus: brand strategy!

We operate with a lean, flexible, and 100% customer-focused remote organization. No client receives a one-size-fits-all solution.

Talk to us, it’s a great day to start working together.

Of course, we are a full-service agency and support you with any project, be it

  • websites or stores
  • brochures or flyers
  • Brand development and corporate design
  • Advice and support regarding your sales processes with optimal materials and technologies
  • Campaigns of all kinds, social media, online or offline
  • Strategy workshops, team building, events

We stand for communication that is bold and impactful, but free from greenwashing. To ensure this, we are generalist experts in sustainability, with deep knowledge and intuition about the Circular Economy, having created one of the few existing definitions of it.

We also focus on defining the concept of sustainability for each business. We believe “sustainability” is too broad a term to guide companies effectively. Every business has the opportunity—and indeed the obligation—to define its preferences, priorities, and key areas of focus. We actively support this process and integrate the results into the communication as a vital part of your brand’s core.

We are delighted to work with marketing departments, executive teams, as well as purchasing, supply chain, corporate communications, and sustainability management. With us, you will find empathetic, experienced partners who understand your tasks, goals, limitations, and budgets, and are eager to collaborate.

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