A great complement to our Cradle to Cradle philosophy. I can recommend be nice to every small and medium-sized company that wants to implement the Circular Economy in practice and thereby significantly secure its future.
As well as that of all of us!

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
Gründer - Cradle to Cradle + EPEA

be nice is Germany’s first agency that is part of a registered association. There are good reasons for this. Because we unite two worlds:

Passion for marketing and sales, consulting, digital, design and campaigns as well as the unconditional belief that sustainable consumption and the preservation of the economy under climate and environmentally conscious conditions are necessary and possible.


Today, brands without sustainability components can hardly be communicated offensively. This applies equally to product, retail, white label or corporate / employer brands. To customers, stakeholders or enablers like press or investors as well as to your teams. Be it the existing ones or the ones you might just want to win over.

Sustainability is the global megatrend and waiting means having to play catch-up twice as hard later!

be nice

We are a fully remote agency. We are not interested in where our employees and experts live, but what they love and what they are excellent at!

No customer gets the “usual agency services” imposed on them.

Rather, we build the team around your specific needs. In terms of creation and ideas, in terms of implementation and in terms of budget.

Talk to us, we don’t bite unless it’s about delicious and healthy food. We enjoy working with marketing departments, development departments, CSR and sustainability management, product management and strategic and operational purchasing. You will all find us to be empathetic, experienced discussion partners who have a great understanding of your respective tasks and goals.

Here is for lovers of the á la carte:

  • design and creation
  • Trademark and label development
  • Target group analysis, channel-specific media and content creation
  • Idea creation and campaign strategy
  • Performance campaigns, KPI development, sales and lead generation, trade marketing
  • Recruiting and employer branding campaigns
  • Strategy workshops for sales, marketing and communication concepts
  • Development of sales and marketing related services, communicative and operational
  • Sustainable and innovative print and packaging services, promotional materials
  • Events and trade fairs, design, success strategy and equipment, personal, hybrid or digital
  • Web development, front and backend, webanalytics and metrics
  • Systemic strategy workshops, e.g. for integrated communication concepts, product pipe / target group matches, sales strategies or employer branding / recruiting
  • SEO
  • SEA campaigns
  • Analytics Google + Social
  • Social media strategy, targeting, channel selection, content strategy and development
  • Innovative packaging and development of packaging systems. Disposable and reusable.
  • Copywriting
  • Podcasting
  • Photo and video
  • 3D and visual art
  • Research and systemic analysis of markets, competition, suppliers and service providers
  • Change management, methodologies, target systems, process moderation
  • Climate and plastic compensation and footprints

You can reach us at +49 (0) 621 33 93 71 06, via our short request form or you can use the calendar button in the contact form to directly arrange a digital, real or phone meeting of your choice.

Marketing for sustainable entrepreneurial future! You've come to the right place.

Your nice benefits. Be part of the circular future with your company:

  • Sustainability communication, content and reach
  • backlinks
  • ROI of sustainability investments and other innovations
  • Reduction of environmental risks and uncertainties regarding supply chain and framework conditions
  • Cost reduction in procurement, recruitment and disposal
  • Innovative forms of distribution and sales that can strengthen the balance sheet in the long term
  • Brand management and sustainability communication without greenwashing
  • Target group activation and retention
  • Innovative, low-cost and lightning-fast market research
  • Strengthening employer brand and successful recruitment through positioning as an impact company

Together with us, the nice e.V., you will be able to offer your target groups truly sustainable, circular products. Your target groups will hear about it and demand will arise. In consumption and investment, cooperation and supply chain, B2C and B2B.


In a short time, you can network with other companies or experts from our collective with little effort. You can get to know them casually through events and topic meet-ups or read their contributions in our news or in the Circular Wiki.

Through our social media and PR work, our wiki and our publications, podcast formats and VLOGS, we sensitise your target groups and build communities. Together with you, we create what will be the key to your success in the coming years: Circular value creation, content, attention, trust and branding. Not least as an employer brand.

being a nice member costs no more than a half-page ad in the daily newspaper for the whole year

being a nice member is no more expensive than a Christmas party, but only if your company is not very big

being a nice member is no more expensive than a two-day sales training for two employees

being a nice member costs less than a small company spends on Google ads

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If you can’t reach us by phone, click on the calendar icon and arrange a time for a call or web meeting with just a few clicks.

We look forward to hearing from you, or you can simply use the contact form.